[Icecast] ssl-cert's

Jordan Erickson jerickson at logicalnetworking.net
Mon Jul 11 16:10:04 UTC 2016

# cat fullchain.pem privkey.pem >combined.pem

I wouldn't think it matters much where you put the cert as long as the
running Icecast user has permissions to read it. I'd create (if not
already created) /etc/icecast personally.


If specified, this points to the location of a file that contains both
the X.509 private and public key. This is required for HTTPS support to
be enabled. Please note that the user Icecast is running as must be able
to read the file. Failing to ensure this will cause a "Invalid cert
file" WARN message, just as if the file wasn't there.


On 07/10/2016 02:11 PM, Walter York wrote:
> 1.  I already have the cert and key files.  How do I combine these
> existing keys into a single PEM file?
> 2.  What directory do you suggest I place they PEM file?
>> To: icecast at xiph.org
>> From: bluntroller at yandex.com
>> Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2016 13:19:03 +0200
>> Subject: [Icecast] ssl-cert's
>> @ the guy with the ssl certs problem:
>> recheck file- and folder-permissions.
>> check if the ssl.-cert is generated correct.
>> re-check the icecast config-file and it's file- and folder-permissions.
>> are the involved files in the correct location so icecast can find them?
>> what about the pid-entry?
>> greets
>> gee
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