[Icecast] Icecast and AAC streams

Dennis Heerema dennis at heerema.net
Fri Apr 8 07:27:34 PDT 2016

Yes it is.
It is still developed and you are able to do so much more, besides stream transcoding.


Op 8 apr. 2016 4:10 PM schreef Steve Matzura <sm at noisynotes.com>:

Unfortunately, Dennis, my source stream is 128kbps and will never go
higher. Is Liquidsoap still a good idea?

On Fri, 04 Mar 2016 14:48:41 +0100, you wrote:

>Great tool to do this: liquidsoap 
>Keep in mind that transcoding degrades the quality of tour stream dramaticly. You can avoid this by feeding liquidsoap or stream transcoder with a highquality or even transparant stream and trancode this to the different streaming formats you like. I used to do this by feeding a flac stream to liquidsoap and transcode this to 5 different stream formats i needed. But you might be fine if you feed your transcoder with 320 kbps AAC and transcoder this to lower formats. Maybe experiment with a high quality ogg stream, this might give you beter results due to the use of a different audio compression mask.
>Kind regards,
>Op 4 mrt. 2016 2:21 PM schreef Steve Matzura <sm at noisynotes.com>:
>All the broadcasters on the server which I support deliver their
>content in MP3 format. Recently, there's been interest in supplying a
>second AAC stream at half the bandwidth but with the same audio
>quality (64kbps AAC versus 128kbps MP3) like TuneInRadio does for
>delivering their content regardless of the source. I've thought of
>using a third-party product called Stream Transcoder, but am dubious
>as to whether it will do the job. Does anyone know of a better or more
>efficient way to do this? I know the MP3 stream requires re-encoding
>into AAC format, but am not sure of the proper tool to use to do it.
>As always, thanks in advance.
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