[Icecast] Tips for AAC streams and Windows Media Player?

M M mh747 at outlook.com
Wed Sep 9 22:16:01 UTC 2015

We're on Icecast 2.4.2 and stream as MP3.  We want to move to AAC.  However, we can't get AAC streams to reliably work in Windows Media Player 12, which comes with Windows 7.  Many of our listeners are on that client.

Any tips on getting this to work?

We found a stream which works.  It's http://air.radiorecord.ru:8100/rr_aac.  Most streams fail though, for example: http://streaming14.tdiradio.com:8000/radiojat.  We can't figure out the difference between those two streams.

Also, when an AAC stream fails to play in WMP, we can sometimes get it to play by putting WMP into "Now Playing" mode and then clicking the timeline.  This starts playing content from the beginning of the buffer.


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