[Icecast] Looking for some advice to two problems I'm having

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Mon Nov 23 19:12:30 UTC 2015

Ah. Thanks for that.

On 11/23/15, Kiriki Delany <kiriki at streamguys.com> wrote:
> That should be due to the sampling frequency fluctuating between tracks
> Check that they are all consistent at 44.1khz for example.
> Thanks,
> Kiriki Delany
>> On Nov 23, 2015, at 9:12 AM, Spam Catcher <spamcatcher447 at gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>> Hi guys.
>>  I have two questions about my streaming setup and I was wondering if
>> any of you could offer some advice.
>>  I'm using IceS 0.4 as my source. It's reading a text file that
>> contains the paths to about 300 different files that I want it to
>> randomly play. For some reason though, it seems to only play a few of
>> those files on a loop. I guess it could be in my head, but it seems
>> like it's not reading and randomizing all of the files. Does anyone
>> know what could cause this, or of a better way that I can lessen the
>> number of file repeats?
>>  Secondly, I'm streaming in mp3, and all of the files have the same
>> bit rate. I've noticed when listening to the stream, when one file
>> ends and it switches to another file, the pitch of the audio is either
>> considerably higher or lower than it should be. If I restart my player
>> it corrects itself and seems to work fine until the next file starts.
>> This is random and doesn't always happen. The only thing I could think
>> of is an issue with differing file quality, but I converted all of the
>> files with the same program to the same bit rate, and have specified
>> this in IceS. Does anyone know what could be going wrong here? The
>> players I'm experiencing this on are Winamp and Safari on iOS.
>>  Thanks a lot for any advice. I've tried searching around on Google
>> for both of these problems but haven't been able to come up with
>> anything.
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