[Icecast] Looking for some advice to two problems I'm having

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Mon Nov 23 17:12:32 UTC 2015

Hi guys.

  I have two questions about my streaming setup and I was wondering if
any of you could offer some advice.

  I'm using IceS 0.4 as my source. It's reading a text file that
contains the paths to about 300 different files that I want it to
randomly play. For some reason though, it seems to only play a few of
those files on a loop. I guess it could be in my head, but it seems
like it's not reading and randomizing all of the files. Does anyone
know what could cause this, or of a better way that I can lessen the
number of file repeats?

  Secondly, I'm streaming in mp3, and all of the files have the same
bit rate. I've noticed when listening to the stream, when one file
ends and it switches to another file, the pitch of the audio is either
considerably higher or lower than it should be. If I restart my player
it corrects itself and seems to work fine until the next file starts.
This is random and doesn't always happen. The only thing I could think
of is an issue with differing file quality, but I converted all of the
files with the same program to the same bit rate, and have specified
this in IceS. Does anyone know what could be going wrong here? The
players I'm experiencing this on are Winamp and Safari on iOS.

  Thanks a lot for any advice. I've tried searching around on Google
for both of these problems but haven't been able to come up with

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