[Icecast] Release: libshout 2.4.0

Philipp Schafft lion at lion.leolix.org
Tue Nov 17 14:38:05 UTC 2015

Good evening,

I'm very proud to announce the Release 2.4.0 of libshout. It has been a
long time since the last libshout release as work focused mostly on
Icecast2 itself. However we're very pleased to release the next version
of libshout with many new features and fixes.

The highlights on the new feature list:
      * We added full TLS support (HTTPS). This includes both RFC2817
        and RFC2818. Mode can be automatically detected.
      * Improved WebM handling. More to come!
      * Improved Metadata handling.
      * Improved HTTP support:
              * True vhosting (including RFC2817 and SNI).
              * Checks for server capabilities and acting upon the
      * Basic support for the RoarAudio protocol.

I would be happy to see all the developers checking out what is new and
how to utilize libshout to all it's power.
We're happy to help every developer and maintainers if there are
questions regarding migration here on those two lists as well as on IRC
at #icecast on FreeNode (irc.freenode.org).

Have a nice day!

 (Rah of PH2)
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