[Icecast] Checking for file /7.html

Nanda Kishor Dasa nkd at 24hourkirtan.fm
Thu May 14 01:04:03 PDT 2015

On 14/05/2015 00:00, Yahav Shasha wrote:
> Its more likely to be some shoutcast player or any kind of script that
> request the file, sources don't usually request the status file. Try
> looking for the refer at the access log (if icecast logs 404 requests
> that is) to determinate the request origin, shouldn't be an hassle.

Makes sense. If the Icecast log would also log the IP address it would 
be easier to say if this is our own player or someone elses.

Of course I could just ignore it, but it's so prominent in the error log 
that it is sort of irritating.

It might also be that some service we use assume we're using ShoutCast 
and want to extract "now playing" title and artist information. So maybe 
it would even make "sense" to provide the 7.html file in the expected 


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