[Icecast] Ices encode stops using Hauppauge pvr usb2

Rajil Saraswat rajil.s at gmail.com
Sat May 23 18:19:30 UTC 2015


I have a version 29 of Hauppauge pvr usb2 which i am using as a fm receiver. 
It is connected to an Intel NUC on a usb3 port running kernel linux-3.8.12.  
The fm audio is fed to ices encoder using

mpeg2desc -a0 < /dev/radio0 | mpg123 -s - | ices /tmp/ices-stdin.xml

This works well for two days. However something kills of encoding after two 
days of running. Ices reports in the log
#tail ices.log 
[2015-05-23  01:20:00] EROR stream/ices_instance_stream Send error: Socket 
error (Broken pipe)
[2015-05-23  01:20:00] DBUG input/input_flush_queue Input queue flush 
[2015-05-23  01:20:00] WARN stream/ices_instance_stream Trying reconnect after 
server socket error
[2015-05-23  01:20:00] INFO stream/ices_instance_stream Connected to server: 
[2015-05-23  01:20:00] DBUG input/input_flush_queue Input queue flush 

and icecast gives up
#tail error.log
[2015-05-23  01:32:50] INFO source/source_shutdown Source from ::1 at 
"/high.ogg" exiting

Interestingly 'ps' shows that ices and  mpeg2desc are still running. I am not 
sure where the problem is. Is this an issue with pvrusb2 or with ices?


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