[Icecast] Regarding edcast with icecast2.4

Jonathan jonathancandler_msa at q.com
Wed May 13 06:21:12 PDT 2015

Hello all. So I just  thought I would come in here and ask you all a 
couple of questions regarding edcast.
First off let me tell you my situation. I am managing a radio station 
and my icecast server the way I have it set up the source of which the 
broadcaster connects to has to have a username and password for a mount 
point that is being passed through the server. Basically these are all 
mountpoint level security settings. The problem that I'm seeing here is 
edcast does not allow a source username to be passed through. So in my 
mount section I do have a source username and a source password set.
It goes something like this.
password>hackmemore</password> If you all would like the .xml file let 
me know as I'm not going to do it right now, but would I just either 
delete the "<username></username>" field, or just put it as stated above 
in surrounding quotes so that edcast will work happy with at least the 
source password that I set for such said mountpoint?

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