[Icecast] Current Listeners count wrong for HTML Audio on Android?

Klaas van der Linden vanderlinden at culturalservices.nl
Mon May 4 18:10:55 PDT 2015

Thanks for this information, but the two connections do not die out when using my player in the Android browser. In fact they even stay when the Audio.src is set to some invalid string.


You can observe this here: http://concertzender.nl/wp-content/themes/cz-theme/App/test/ , by clicking one of the large icons - and then monitor the corresponding stream here: http://streams.greenhost.nl:8080/


(The player doesn’t work on safari (windows/mac) or firefox, probably because mp3 is not supported they fail to register the ‘canplay’ event or something like that – I’m not sure. I got it to work on IE, Opera, Chrome and iPhone Safari and on Android.)


Any suggestions as to how to debug this?



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You will find that there often are multiple connections, particularly for HTML5 audio elements in WebKit browsers as they probe to see if the media is seekable or not.  The multiple connections die out soon after starting though, leaving you one connection for actually streaming the audio.


You can verify this yourself with a packet sniffer such as Wireshark.  It wouldn't hurt to double check to make sure your application isn't really using all that data.


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On Sat, May 2, 2015 at 6:59 PM, Klaas van der Linden <vanderlinden at culturalservices.nl> wrote:

Dear all,

The problem I am facing, is that one of my clients is concerned about data usage.

My client monitors the current number of listeners in  the Mount Point list streams.greenhost.nl:8080.


The case is, when I start a stream from an HTML app on an Android device, I can see two listeners being added to “Current Listeners”. This peculiar behaviour only occurs on Android, not on laptops or iPhones.


The code I use concerns a simple HTML Audio object:

var audioObj = new Audio();

audioObj.src = aValidMountpoint;



I tested these lines and it appears that for Android a “Current Listener” is added on both the second and the third line.


I can’t imagine there really are two streams streaming at the same time, as it is only one object that arranges this.


Is this a known issue? Any workaround or any way to prove my client that there is only one stream playing?




Klaas van der Linden

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