[Icecast] Current Listeners count wrong for HTML Audio on Android?

Klaas van der Linden vanderlinden at culturalservices.nl
Sat May 2 16:59:58 PDT 2015

Dear all,

The problem I am facing, is that one of my clients is concerned about data

My client monitors the current number of listeners in  the Mount Point list


The case is, when I start a stream from an HTML app on an Android device, I
can see two listeners being added to "Current Listeners". This peculiar
behaviour only occurs on Android, not on laptops or iPhones.


The code I use concerns a simple HTML Audio object:

var audioObj = new Audio();

audioObj.src = aValidMountpoint;



I tested these lines and it appears that for Android a "Current Listener" is
added on both the second and the third line.


I can't imagine there really are two streams streaming at the same time, as
it is only one object that arranges this.


Is this a known issue? Any workaround or any way to prove my client that
there is only one stream playing?




Klaas van der Linden

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