[Icecast] REQ: Dump file - split based on time v. single file

"Thomas B. Rücker" thomas at ruecker.fi
Sun Mar 1 18:04:36 UTC 2015


On 03/01/2015 05:17 PM, Dean Sauer wrote:
> REQUEST: IceCast server generated dump file via <dump-file></dump-file>
> I realize that when this was probably generated that the type of sources 
> that Icecast would be used with would not be 24/7/365 types, but probably 
> short burts say up to a few hours, and also wouldn't contain large 
> amounts of silence between actual audio.
> Right now I use darkice, cron, and a BASH script for the sources which 
> then generates a MP3 recording of each hour, which is fed to sox, and 
> then spits out a silence removed MP3 of that hours recording. This then 
> has to be uploaded to the server..
> It would be a boon to do this server side, especially for sources/feeds I 
> don't control which unfortunately use inferior wincrap software and can't 
> generate a local dump file. And darkice can't seem to do this for Ogg, 
> after the first dump, as the headers are missing for each file 
> subsequently, bug/request sent to darkice.
> My suggestion is that the dump-file tag have an interval option or tag so 
> that it creates a new dump file based on this interval, and named based 
> on some sort of dump-file-name tag which would use BASH naming variables 
> to name it.

We have received a patch that is said to do that off list after this mail.
We'll be looking at it, at some point.
We already support strftime patterns in dump file names.

Further activity will be in this ticket:

> Alternatively I guess you could send Icecast another type of signal via 
> kill much like the -HUP causes a rescan of the config, but if I/others 
> wanted differing intervals that may not be the route to do this via  kill 
> (Signal) option via cron job...
> Any of this been considered in the past??? Possible???
> It would be a boon if Icecast would do this on its own, and then I can 
> feed these file(s) to sox SERVER SIDE, thus not having to do sftp uploads 
> of these to the server from the sources...

I think a maximum dump file duration setting would address this well enough.
I do remember though, that someone asked for a way to turn on/off
dumping  through e.g. admin requests.
Is there specific interest in this from other people on the list?



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