[Icecast] Identify listeners on log reports

Marius Flage marius at flage.org
Wed Jun 24 07:28:57 UTC 2015

Hi Mark,

You can maybe look at authentication:
http://icecast.org/docs/icecast-2.4.1/auth.html ?

I guess you need some way to differentiate the different users from each
other, either by IP address (though not that accurate) or by
username/password. Authentication can solve both cases for you.

I myself have used the authentication to provide some better logging,
but the users themselves are blissfully unaware that "authentication" is
happening - as all users are allowed access.

- Marius

On 06/24/2015 08:53 AM, Mark Foster wrote:
> We have businesses users listening to 17 different icecast streams.
> We're looking for a way to identify via icecast logs what each user is
> listening.
> At the moment in order to do so, we're cloning the streams for each
> user, so that separate logs are generated.
> As the number of user grow, this approach is becoming unsustainable.
> Is there an alternative, more lean way to do this?

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