[Icecast] Best source for creating multiple streams

Guillaume Pellerin lists at parisson.com
Sat Aug 22 15:44:17 UTC 2015


DeeFuzzer can do that:

Each mountpoint can be setup as a "station" object in the XML or YAML config
file. I'm the main dev, so feel free to ask questions if any pb ;)


On 22/08/2015 06:01, Spam Catcher wrote:
> Hi there.
>   I'm trying to find a way to create multiple streams with one source
> client. Each of the streams should read from a different playlist file
> and randomly pull and play songs from the file. I know how to do this
> with a single stream with clients such as IceS and Ezstream, but I
> don't see a way to specify different playlists for each mountpoint. I
> was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a source I could use
> to do this?
>   Thanks
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