[Icecast] Relays Ending With "Disconnecting source due to socket timeout"

Jeremiah Rogers jeremiahzrogers at gmail.com
Sun Aug 16 13:34:05 UTC 2015

Sorry to leave that out. My connections typically last 2-6 hours before 
the socket timeout error. The streams are MP3, either 64KBPS or 128KBPS.

Nathan also asked about firewalls. My Windows Firewall is off, and my 
machine's antivirus doesn't have a firewall feature. I don't think 
there's any firewall in play here.

Before emailing the list, I looked through several months of list 
archives hoping to find this problem covered. While I didn't find it, I 
saw reference to setting the log level to 4 and did that with my most 
recent stream to see what I might learn. When the socket timeout is 
generated, I see the following line.

DBUG last 1439707668, timeout 10, now 1439707679

With each stream I used in that session, when that line would be 
generated, the difference between now and last was 11. They lead me to 
the following questions.

What are those numbers?
Do I correctly presume the allowable difference between them to be 
controlled by the <source-timeout> setting in the config file?
If I change <source-timeout> to 30, 60, 256, or 512, what ramifications 
might that have on listeners, my machine, or sources from which I relay?


On 8/16/2015 0:25, Jordan Erickson wrote:
> On 08/15/2015 08:10 PM, Jeremiah Rogers wrote:
> *snip*
>> When I connect through my relays, eventually the connections are dropped
>> with "Disconnecting source due to socket timeout" errors.
> *snip*
> What value is "eventually", approximately?
> Cheers,
> Jordan
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