[Icecast] Check feed connected, active - IceCast 2.4.x

Philipp Schafft lion at lion.leolix.org
Mon Apr 13 07:55:51 UTC 2015


On Sun, 2015-04-12 at 22:55 -0300, Alejandro wrote:
> Here can take a look other
> alternative: https://github.com/cdgraff/icecast-mon

Thank you for sharing!

> We base our solution in avprobe/ffprobe, this test like a real
> listener.
> Feedback is welcome! this is just first release, but we use on
> production.

Have a little bit of feedback. :)

in icecast_mon.py:80 you construct a string with an URL embedded.
in icecast_mon.py:83 you split it again.

I think you would be better off by constructing an array directly. The
current implementation may be prone to errors based on meta characters
in the URL. (This isn't super unlikely. Already had a similar case on a
Icecast setup myself where mount points contained such special

Thank you for your work!

 (Rah of PH2)
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