[Icecast] Trouble

ANDRIY RYBACHUK andriy.ry at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 01:17:24 PDT 2014

Hi! There some trouble with using icecast kh 11 win 32 when im trying to
stream with ogg vorbis format.

I have the following text in the log:
admin/command_metadata Metadata on mountpoint /test prevented
[2014-10-12  14:27:38] INFO format-vorbis/initial_vorbis_page seen initial
vorbis header
[2014-10-12  14:27:38] INFO source/source_read End of Stream /test
[2014-10-12  14:27:38] INFO source/source_shutdown Source "/test" exiting
[2014-10-12  14:27:38] INFO source/source_client_read no more listeners on
[2014-10-12  14:27:38] INFO source/_free_source freeing source "/test"

Looking forward for answer!

Best Regards,

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