[Icecast] Streaming Stats Problem

PSRFM Support support at psrfm.org.au
Wed Nov 26 22:04:01 PST 2014

I run IceCast 2.3.2 at Port Stephens FM radio station for streaming our
broadcast feed. Most things work fine but there is a small glitch somewhere
that seems to drop the 'Source Level Stats' information after a few days.
The application must be stopped then started again to reconnect the 'Source
Level Stats'. It used to work fine some time back but not now.


The main reason for the need for these stats is that they are requested from
our studio music player (Station Playlist Studio) that collects current
listener data for display on the studio computer showing the number of
current listeners. 


I have not found a solution for this version 2.3.2 of IceCast. I have tried
to download and install a newer IceCast version 2.4.0 and 2.4.1, in the hope
that a patch has been provided, but when I expand the zip files there is no
executable file that runs the new version.


What am I doing wrong? I hope someone can help.





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