[Icecast] Icecast 'client'

epicanis+icecast at dogphilosophy.net epicanis+icecast at dogphilosophy.net
Thu May 22 22:39:59 UTC 2014

On Thursday, May 22, 2014 10:47:21 PM Guido Budack wrote:
> Hi folks,
> actually and once again quite busy I'd really appreciate a quick hint
> or explanation...
> Somehow I dont get it... :-/
> Although I'll soon (as soon I have a more powerful server - actually a
> friend of mine is hosting my site in a small cluster) install and use
> the icecast-server for my streaming-purposes I don't understand how to
> listen to the streams.
> What kind of 'clients' do you use or recommend?
> Please if possible give me some more options for linux and
> windows-OS's because I use dual-OS-Systems.
> Can't be true that it is necessary to use the 'concurrent' client
> winamp to receive the Icecast-streams isn't it?

Mozilla Firefox and Chrom(ium|e) both handle all of the audio formats that
icecast will serve, including .opus - I know I have connected directly to my 
icecast feed and listened in Firefox.

Someone else mentioned VLC, which also works well for streams and is
also cross-platform. On the Linux side I think a large fraction (possibly
even a majority) of "media players" will handle streams from URLs. Certainly
anything based off of mplayer or ffmpeg ought to be able to, and I know
that amarok (and it's old-school sibling Clementine) do, among others.
I'm not sure about other Windows media players, but Amarok and Clementine
are both available for Windows as well.

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