[Icecast] html5/js source client?

Romain Beauxis toots at rastageeks.org
Sat May 3 19:45:42 UTC 2014

Hi Brad,

2014-05-03 11:40 GMT-05:00 Brad Isbell <brad at musatcha.com>:
> I have built a web-based source client using the Web Audio API and
> getUserMedia, called the AudioPump Web Encoder.  It uses the SHOUTcast
> source protocol for now, but I have the code nearly ready for the Icecast
> source protocol for when someone needs it.
> You can see a demo here:  http://demo.audiopump.co:3000/
> The Web Encoder is built with a jQuery Mobile UI optimized for mobile
> devices at the moment.  It's compatible with Chrome (desktop and latest of
> mobile), Firefox (desktop and mobile), and Opera (desktop only).  Binary web
> sockets are used for sending audio to the server, where it is encoded into
> the desired codec(s) and sent off to Icecast/SHOUTcast servers.
> The general idea was to make a really simple source client that could be
> launched with a single click (such as from a hosting provider's admin
> panel).  The client accepts parameters on the query-string for configuring
> so that in a real-world environment, the user would not have to configure
> anything.  It is also built in such a way that the UI can be thrown away,
> leaving the back-end code to integrate into another application.
> Let me know if there is interest.  I can easily add the native Icecast
> compatibility.

That looks very promising. Do you have any code/documentation
available? I'd be very curious to see how you guys work this out..


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