[Icecast] Problem with web services

"Thomas B. Rücker" thomas at ruecker.fi
Tue Mar 25 21:31:39 UTC 2014

On 03/25/2014 09:01 PM, José Luis Artuch wrote:
> Jo se
> Have you properly configured the *web server* (Lighttpd, Apache, etc.)
> on the Ubuntu server ?.

>From IRC conversation it seems that he is adding files to the *Icecast*
On Windows and Centos that's easy as that's just ONE directory.
On Debian and it's ancestors, Ubuntu being one of them, there are TWO
directories and he put the files in the wrong one of both and doesn't
symlink them from the right one. I tried to explain this to him on IRC
and I summarized this here on the mailing list.

I'd suggest anyone with web serving related problems to look at the
icecast error.log
On Debian you will find it in /var/log/icecast2/error.log



> Does that *web server* serve properly an index.html page ?.
> Try to serve a simple html page like:
> <!DOCTYPE html>
> <html>
> <head>
> <meta http-equiv='Content-Type' content='text/html; charset=utf-8' />
> <title>kultur01</title>
> </head>
> <body>
> <audio autoplay controls>
> <source src='http://yourip:yourport/youraudio.ogg' type='audio/ogg;
> codecs="vorbis"'>
> <source src='http://yourip:yourport/youraudio.mp3' type='audio/mpeg;
> codecs="mp3"'>
> </audio>
> </body>
> </html>
> José Luis
> El mar, 25-03-2014 a las 15:21 -0400, Jo se escribió:
>> you see, i have 3 icecast servers, one with windows, one with CentOS
>> and this one with Ubuntu, in the other two the addition of one Online
>> Radio Player wasn't a problem at all, i just add another .html page
>> redirected from the main one and it work perfectly.
>> But in the ubuntu one... well, the history is a little different, and
>> that's why i send this mail.
>> You see, what i'm trying to archieve is know and fix why in the ubuntu
>> server the added .html page doesn't work at all, but in the CentOS and
>> the Windows one it does perfectly.
>> That's the thing, in the CentOS, Ubuntu and Windows the .index is just
>> code, i mean html and a little more of javascript, nothing more, but
>> why in two of them it works perfectly and in the other doesn't.
>> Thanks in advance
>> On Tue, Mar 25, 2014 at 10:59 AM, MARŠ - Luka Cvetko
>> <luka at radiomars.si> wrote:
>>         ​Hello,​
>>         2014-03-25 15:43 GMT+01:00 Jo se <kulturu01 at gmail.com>:
>>                 in fact it doesn't, i try what you suggest there but
>>                 doesn't work
>>                 i was the same guy than ask that by irc, and the
>>                 solution he gave
>>                 doesn't work, besides, the only real way to test it
>>                 with my avaible
>>                 time and without interfere with the airtime service
>>                 (to do real time
>>                 tests) is through this way
>>                 Thanks in any case
>>         ​can you please further clarify the issue? 
>>         ​You can access your Icecast2 administration interface on
>>         http://yourip:8000/
>>         You can access the Airtime administration interface/login
>>         screen on http://yourip:8080/ (or other port you set up during
>>         installation). 
>>         What are you trying to achieve? 
>>         Are you trying to serve a customized page instead of the
>>         Icecast administration interface? 
>>         Are you trying to server your HTML page (in-browser stream
>>         player) independently of Icecast? If so, I suggest creating an
>>         entirely separate ghost in Apache, the web server. Airtime
>>         must have installed it anyways. That way you won't need to
>>         interfere with any Icecast files. 
>>         Kind regards, 
>>         -- 
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