[Icecast] double entries in icecast directory

BigGee glaivy at yandex.com
Sat Jun 14 11:56:20 UTC 2014

Hi folks

I'm using vlc to listen to radio-stations of the icecast-directory.
I find it quite annoying that a lot of stations have double entries and/
or (probably relay) transmit under other (entry-) names.
Wouldn't it be better to prevent such behavior?
Is it possible to suppress this in vlc or on any other way?



Guido Budack
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normalized, well scaled Database-design
Application-Programming in C++
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Minglanilla/ Cebu
Tel.: +41/76-756 9208
Tel.: +63/915-381 9544
Dalnet: #pirate-radio.eu

Email: glaivy at yandex.com
Email: admin at pirate-radio.eu

We use Debian 6.0, UbuntuStudio 14, Gentoo Linux
and a Snort IP-System on a
Quad-core dedicated Server

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