[Icecast] can't use icecast2 in ubuntu 12.04

Simone Dal Maso simone.dalmaso at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 10:37:12 PDT 2014

I really don’t know if this question is already been  discussed, what I say is that is about 5 days that I can’t find any solution.
the problem is that icecast2 works only locally, I am not able to connect remotely. Now I’m going to explain:

on ubuntu 12.04, I installed icecast2 with:
apt-get install icecast2

it is not the latest version, since I see here there is the 2.4.
anyway, I configured Icecast2, and locally, I can issue myIp:8000 and I can see the admin interface on the browser.
if I try to access remotely, with my pc at home to:
the browser doesn’t load anything. 2 minutes, and then error, can’t load page.

I disabled the firewall of the server:
ufw disable

I create a rule to allow port 8000:
ufw allow 8000

I opened the configuration file of icecast2 and set the ‘hostname’ to my ip, then my website,  nothing.
For example also with ices, I can listen to the streaming locally, but nothing from remote.
what can I do?
I really don’t know how to go out from this situation.
Hope you can help me, thank you.

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