[Icecast] Icecast and ezstream?

jonathan candler Jonathancandler_msa at q.com
Mon Jan 6 03:39:38 UTC 2014

hello all, I’m not sure if I could discuss this here in this mailing list, but it has to do with ezstream with ice cast. so, I do have ezstream set to read from a config file which reads from a .m3u play list that I have setup for my automation. Now, here’s a question. what if I wanted to add more songs to the play list and when I do that, I would like to have the songs to be added to the play list during in the middle of the reading of the play list? not when it loops again and re reads it. How would I go about doing this? and what would be the best way? I don’t have to reload and have it kill the automation process of the stream at all. I would like it to have it seamlessly add the songs to the playlist and read from the point in the play list. Thanks. all.

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