[Icecast] Relay/forward RTP-packets over icecast2

geekshabeka at riseup.net geekshabeka at riseup.net
Mon Feb 3 16:23:35 UTC 2014

> What machine are you running (namely what OS)?


> I dont understand your approach.
> Why running a 'streamer' behind a nat?
> Not enough 'resources' to rent/ rent to buy a ded. Server?
> Mean, can't expect to satisfy a lot of listeners this way. :-)

I am listening the Muazkhan indications XD:

> Hi Muaz Khan,
>> We are adtlantida.tv and we are very interested in your code because we
>> are trying to develop a free software system for live streaming using
>> So, here is the question:
>> Is it possible to use webm icecast servers as stun servers or p2p
>> servers? I mean, rtc servers?
>> Thanks a lot for your work, which is awesome, and for your answer.
>> https://www.webrtc-experiment.com/broadcast/#59CMF7HH-1PAXLXR
> A media server should have following qualities:
> 1. Capable to listen/publish SIP messages; or any other signaling gateway
> e.g. socketio
> 2. Capable to generate "answer-sdp" and return backing using same
> signaling gateway. (make sure that ICE are gathered & included in the
> anwer-sdp)
> 3. For WebRTC, media server MUST support DTSL/SRTP to capture, trancode
> and forward encrypted RTP/RTCP pakcets
> I don't know if icecast2 has such functionalities built-in. It currently
> accepts PUT requests only on HTTP.
> ​You can install STUN server side by side with icecast2 on a separate
> port.​
> ​I think a gateway (a middle media server) can capture opus/etc. oriented
> audio streams; transcode in ogg/mp3 and PUT into icecast2.​
> --
> Maybe better you take a look here:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JACK_Audio_Connection_Kit

Thanks for the link!!Best regards,


pd: I want to try this method described above XD. I don't know until
experimenting how many listeners could be...

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