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Eduardo Martinez erm13martinez at gmail.com
Mon Dec 29 22:40:40 PST 2014

Hello Philipp,

Please let me know how I can help.
 On Dec 28, 2014 3:30 AM, "Philipp Schafft" <lion at lion.leolix.org> wrote:

> Good morning everyone!
> As some of you may already have noticed we made quite some progress
> during the last few weeks. Icecast got some major updates to internal
> parts. Visible to the outside are the new tags <role> and <event>.
> Those changes lead to need of updating documentation. Something we have
> been working on anyway. Beside documentation also testing is a topic
> getting more and more important to improve stability and performance.
> As the current team can hardly handle all those in-time and that will
> delay releases, so we are looking for some volunteers.
> There are many tasks to do. Also no programming skills required! There
> is something useful to do for _everyone_ who wants to help and any time
> amount you want to spend!
> If you are interested just reply to this mail or join us on IRC in
> #icecast on Freenode.
> Have a nice day!
> --
> Philipp.
>  (Rah of PH2)
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