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Martin Jangowski martin at jangowski-itservice.de
Mon Dec 29 06:46:58 PST 2014

Hi guys,

I'm running "Radio Unicorns" for one year now, transmitting live 
coverage of one of Germanys best american football teams, the Schwäbisch 
Hall Unicorns. Technically, it's a root server running freebsd and the 
latest icecast. I had up to several hundred concurrent listeners this 
year and had the server tested up to 2000 listeners (had to tweak a few 
kernel parameters to achive that). The icecast server was our least 
problem, it just ran flawlessly.

One problem we're facing is how to propagate our service. The users 
looking at the team's website with a PC and a standard browser like 
Firefox, Chrome or IE just click on the link with the proper .m3u-File 
to listen to our radio, but the users with smartphones (iPhone & 
Android) have more problems. There are lots of apps out there that can 
listen to a .mp3-stream, but most of these apps don't show our server 
when searching for "Radio Unicorns". I listed our radio on xiph.org, but 
there have to be more public directories, because no app I checked finds 
Radio Unicorns when searching for it. There are lots of small radio 
stations listed in these apps, but I wasn't able to find out where these 
apps are looking for station listings and how to add our station to it.

If anyone out there could point me to these services, I'd be grateful. 
Thanks in advance!

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