[Icecast] Silence Detection for stream - Linux (Ubuntu 12.04/14.04) ALSA ONLY

Hoggins! hoggins at radiom.fr
Sun Aug 24 08:53:40 PDT 2014

Le 24/08/2014 10:30, Dean Sauer a écrit :
> jack and the companion feces of pulseaudio are not present on my systems 
> or allowed, ever, period.

That makes me want to post help on this list soooo badly next time you ask.
I mentioned JACK because the tool is JACK enabled, but that you could
also adapt it.

Adults on this list have, for the most part, already passed through that
anal stage you're talking about, and are able to accept constructive
help, even if it's not exactly on the strict path of the request. It's
called brainstorming. When it's not simply and politely ignored, it
often helps.

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