[Icecast] Silence Detection for stream - Linux (Ubuntu 12.04/14.04) ALSA ONLY

Hoggins! hoggins at radiom.fr
Sat Aug 9 03:16:29 PDT 2014


I only know a nice tool for JACK, called silentjack.
So if by any chance, you find the strength to use JACK anyway, here is
the source code : http://www.aelius.com/njh/silentjack/

The code is very light and simple : if you have some programming skills,
you might even adapt it for ALSA.

Sorry for this OT answer.


Le 09/08/2014 02:39, Dean Sauer a écrit :
> Looking to find something that can do silence detection on a feed from 
> Icecast 2.3.2 with a silence detection period passed as a variable
> ie: sd my.server.invalid:8000/mymount -t 20m -s /home/myuser/sendalart.sh
> On detection of silence exceeding this period it calls /home/myuser/
> sendalart.sh to send an email, or something else... could be BASH as this 
> example, or PHP, python... or.....
> ALSA ONLY! NO JACK! NO PULSE! ! We don't allow those on our box.
> Linux only, prerably Ubuntu 12.04 64bit, 32bit which can run on 64bit, if 
> only option. Will consider 14.04 64b solutions if the only option.
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