[Icecast] can anyone help?

Timothy Clark Music timothyclarkmusic at me.com
Mon Oct 14 16:13:58 UTC 2013

i would like to set up a christian radio station using icecast but don't know all that much. 
 i have a friend who's offering server space but if i can do this without bothering her with it, i'm sure she would appreciate it. 
 i don't like bothering people however, i figure this is an icecast list with information on how to do a lot of this stuff on your own. 
 let me know what it is you can do or sigjust. 
 Your friend in the music industry 
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 to check out music, photos, videos, press, show dates, and more go to http://www.reverbnation.com/timothyclark13 
 feel free to give me a call at 
 note, if i don't answer your call just leave me a voicemail and i'll get back in contact with you as soon as possible 
 thanks and god bless

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