[Icecast] Hiya! And a question...

Geoff Shang geoff at QuiteLikely.com
Thu May 2 08:37:20 UTC 2013

On Sat, 30 Mar 2013, Tim Baker wrote:

> I have a question - I'm running an Airtime install with Icecast - and 
> yes I asked them first but this has flummoxed them over at Sourcefabric 
> - anyone had a problem with a HQ (192kbs) stream rebuffering every few 
> seconds during a FTP/SSH upload to a remote streaming server? Strangely 
> the libShout and low (mono 96kbs) streams are fine during this, but not 
> streamhigh (the HQ stream). I'm only uploading one file…doesn't seem to 
> matter big or small, the HQ stream goes crazy during this. Fine other 
> times. Tried both Filezilla and Cyberduck over root SSH or FTP under a 
> designated ftp user, still the same issue.

It's not completely clear to me where the transfer is happening and where 
the stream is being sourced and served from.

If the stream is being sourced from A and served on B, and the file 
transfer is from A to B, then this is probably just a matter of the 
transfer swamping all available bandwidth.  If yo can prioritise the 
stream connection in your router, this should take care of this.

If the Icecast server is A and it's being sourced on the same machine, and 
a transfer to B is causing this, it could well be the same sort of issue. 
If it's a hosted server, you may need to get the operating system/kernel 
to do the prioritising, and I'm not sure how one would do this.

If it's some other combination, let us know what it is so we can make 
other suggestions.


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