[Icecast] Re What HTML5 radio player do you use ?

Yahav Shasha yahav.shasha at gmail.com
Thu Jul 25 10:05:05 UTC 2013

Its seem to be ok in here.

Also, i would suggest giving http://jplayer.org/ a try, provides fallback
solutions as well as customization options and large active community.

On Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 12:59 PM, michel memeteau <michel.memeteau at gmail.com
> wrote:

> Hi everybody .
> i'm testing html5media to move from flashonly to "works everywhere"
> icecast webplayer.
> I have both my ogg and mp3 streams served by my page :
> http://www.radiogalere.org/ecoute/index.html
> and opus and aac in the works.
> But I experience very frequent disconnection, do you confirm ?
> <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
> web perso : http://memeteau.org
> <xmpp%3Afreechelmi at jabber.fr>
> 2013/3/30 Tim Baker <tim at tjbaker.co.uk>
>> I used MediaElement.js - far from great (no tracknames) but it does
>> usually work on mobile (Android, I don't have an IOS machine to text but I
>> suspect it will be Ok)…problem is with HTML5 is it's spotty across the
>> browsers even on Mac, and on Android pre 4.1 forget it - some work, some
>> don't.
>> Firefox for instance is HTML5 on paper, in reality because of file
>> formats (MP3 support in HTML5 isn't supported yet like MP4 in video, or
>> wasn't in previous versions...) you need a Flash fallback unless you want
>> to simultaneously stream OGG and MP3 - given the fact very few of the
>> directories and players support OGG I'm a little wary of devoting a stream
>> to it. I'm sure it's wonderful yaddayaddayadda for the geeks but in a Flash
>> streaming world, MP3 gets the shout(cast). seems to be much more compatible
>> - my Pure Contour Internet radio can't play OGG for example, but does do
>> AAC and MP3.
>> So yes you do need a Flash fallback - I use MediaElement.js as part pf a
>> Wordpress plugin. I wish it was more customisable…some of the others that
>> purport to be HTML5 players don't seem to work, with a libShout or Icecast
>> stream at all - JPlayer works but the skins are *awful* and I don't have
>> the time to make one as it looks really hard, but JWPlayer refused to work
>> with my stream. Shame because JWPlayer's HTML5 > Flash fallback is really
>> good. The only other one I got to work but not with stream info is svnlabs
>> HTML5 player. There is a free Wordpress plugin, but the rest are paid for,
>> and you can't redesign or customise it, which makes it a little pointless.
>> The other one I've come across which is Flash but seems to have
>> mobile-HTML5 solution (?) is Streema. If you register your station they
>> have a free player, which seems to work really well - I thought only Flash
>> but looking at the code it seems to be HTML based…might be wrong, but I
>> couldn't find any SWF or Silverlight in the code.
>> Hope this helps
>> Tim
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