[Icecast] Error help

Ben Jones zorrotmm at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 7 08:44:39 UTC 2013

I recently installed icecast on a server that will be used for an internet radio station.  I've gotten everything to run on my local system, but on the deployment server I am getting the following error when I try to start it up:
connection/get_ssl_certificate No SSL capability on any configured ports
Here are some of the relevant parts of my icecast.xml file:
    <listen-socket>        <port>8000</port>        <bind-address></bind-address>          <!-- <shoutcast-mount>/stream</shoutcast-mount> -->    </listen-socket>
<!-- basedir is only used if chroot is enabled -->        <basedir>/home/maxxwell69/icecast/share/icecast</basedir>
        <!-- Note that if <chroot> is turned on below, these paths must both             be relative to the new root, not the original root -->        <logdir>/home/maxxwell69/icecast/var/log/icecast</logdir>        <webroot>/home/maxxwell69/icecast/share/icecast/web</webroot>        <adminroot>/home/maxxwell69/icecast/share/icecast/admin</adminroot>
If you can see anything obvious, or know where i need to look, any help would be appreciated.
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