[Icecast] disconnected mount point listed in the status page

Alexandru Matei alexandru.ort at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 05:53:06 UTC 2013


This days I switched from icecast 2.3.2 to the latest icecast kh from 
the github (build 30-gfe06a77). But the problem I'm speaking about 
didn't solve.

After a source disconnects the mount point remains listed in the status 
page with only these entries:

      Mount Point /stream

	M3U <http://ortodoxradio.ro:8000/stream.m3u>XSPF 

Current Listeners: 	0
Current Song:

This happens when the source is the old oddcast and also when the source 
is liquidsoap. Sometimes this doesn't happen at all.

In the admin/list mountpoints it's listed. And if I want to kill the 
source from the admin home page I used to get an error (now in the kh 
version - a black page appears).

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