[Icecast] using a Rpi as an icecast source

"Rücker, Thomas" thomas.ruecker at tieto.com
Wed Feb 27 13:38:56 UTC 2013

On 27/02/13 12:06, michel memeteau wrote:
> we use a barix 
> <http://www.barix.com/products/instreamer-family/barix/Product/show/instreamer-100/?tx_wvbrxproducts_barixproductslist%5Bbutton%5D=&cHash=e3487444dea24a6b24aa0701dc1fa924>as 
> our icecast client right now ( >400$ )  and I though I would try to 
> replace it with a Raspberri Pi.
> Did anyone found a cheap and supported usb audio card that would have 
> basic good input ( only with  3,5 mm jack)

Why trying to shoe-horn that thing into unsuitable hardware?
I'd just go with one of the other embedded boards that are not much more 
expensive and will actually get you sensible results.
BeagleBone with Audio cape
Olinuxino A13

I hear there is a new BeagleBone coming that might actually have all on 
board for a price in the ballpark of the oA13 board.

USB audio combined with embedded hardware (and especially the RPi with 
its known problematic USB) is a recipe for sub par results.


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