[Icecast] Sporadic Issues

Judd, Taylor Allen tjudd at illinois.edu
Sun Feb 24 21:08:10 UTC 2013


I help run an NPR/PBS station. We were running ice cast before our most recent upgrade. However after the upgrade we have now been receiving sporadic reports of people being unable to connect. The only confirmed issue is with Saffari on Windows. We are working on that specific one. But I've also received sporadic reports from users on chrome, firefox, mac, and windows and various other combinations. In almost all cases the player 'loads' in some capacity but nothing plays. All users tend to report the system working for other streams.  I'm reaching out to see if anyone might suggest something or know of similar issues.

The online stream is being fed into mediaelment. You can see the player and stream here. http://will.illinois.edu/am/willplayer/

We're running Icecast 2.3.2 and I don't see any issues in the logs. The streams are available, http://icecast.will.illinois.edu:8000/

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