[Icecast] Windows version of 2.3.3

Philipp Schafft lion at lion.leolix.org
Sun Feb 24 14:50:43 UTC 2013


On Thu, 2013-02-21 at 15:53 -0500, engineermike wrote:
> Where can I find it?  The website says it will be done ASAP but that entry
> was dated June 11 2012.  I'd like to run a version that doesn't have memory
> leaks and it appears 2.3.3 fixes that issue as well as a few others.
> Let me know

There is no offical win32 *binary* for that version yet.

However at the RoarAudio project we build an win32 binary of icecast
with our build bot. I asked the win32 maintainer for a tarball
containing an win32 for passing to you if you are interested.

I uploaded the tarball he gave to me to:

Please note that this is *not* an offical release. It is extracted from
my personal test branch, may contain random win32 related patches and is
not offically supported.

As of my understanding you need to extract it somewhere and edit the
config file to match your paths. Please note that you must use slash (/)
as directory seperator, not back slash (\).

If you have any questions specific to the this binary feel free to write
me off-list (but keep the thread) so I can pass your questions to our

 (Rah of PH2)
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