[Icecast] iOS and authenticated streams

Rücker Thomas thomas.ruecker at tieto.com
Sat Feb 16 18:16:44 UTC 2013


On 13/02/13 06:18, Jay Wineinger wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I've setup a mount with URL authentication.  This works perfectly from 
> a desktop machine using Chrome or VLC.  I've previously used public 
> streams from iOS played through mobile chrome or safari (and others 
> have used the Radio Box app), which also worked perfectly.   However, 
> when I load an stream that requires authentication on mobile Chrome, 
> it prompts me for the credentials but then gives me a "Failed 
> download" error page once I enter them.  Mobile safari is no better, 
> nor are any mobile apps I can find.
> I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this, knows a reason this 
> might be, or any way to get authenticated streams to work on an iOS 
> device.  Seems strange to me that a basic auth requirement would break 
> the ability of these things to play the stream.

Many clients don't handle http basic auth scenarios well...
A possible work-around is to put an auth-token or credentials (beware, 
plain text!) into the parameter part of the url:

This will only work with the URL-auth backend though. For more details see:
The parameters will be handed through somehow. Just try it out.



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