[Icecast] Help with <savefile> and ogg files

Camilo Cano camilocano146 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 11 04:48:47 UTC 2013

Hello everyone, first of all for me undesrtand ices2 in some cases let us
record live online streaming, I do so going to the settings ices-alsa.xml,
getting it from the background, connected to the virtual dj and recording
the session, the file is created and saving the data, some audio players
recognize the file and then play it, at least this doesn’t cause error and
the slider time in running but the audio not heard.

At the tag i use the follow setting
<savefile>/home/user/audios/live.ogg</savefile> someone please help me and
tell me what could be wrong in the settings to save streaming properly. If
is necessary to make specific configurations or add tags that doesn’t bring
with it the file ices-alsa.xml, I appreciate any help I can get as an
icecast supported.
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