[Icecast] New and need help

Stephen Atkins stephen.atkins at gmail.com
Fri Aug 30 20:18:04 UTC 2013

Hello everyone.  I haven't used Icecast yet but I'm hoping it can help me
with what I want to do.

I listen to podcasts a lot.  Most of the time I'm at work I have something
playing in the background.  The problem is once one ends I have to select
another to play.  Or if they have all been played I can't use the auto next

So what I would like to do is setup a machine (most likely a Raspberry PI
or Beagle Board Black) that has a podcast catcher.  It would always
download the latest podcasts I subscribe to and delete the old ones.  There
are a few options for this and isn't a problem.  I would then like to have
Icecast randomly play podcasts that are in a specified directory and repeat
them 24/7.  Once the file goes away it won't try to play it any more.
 Since I have about 30 podcasts I sub to it should give me many hours of
non repeats but with in a week I should be able to hear them a couple of
times each.

Has any one done this sort of thing?

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