[Icecast] Alert Email

"Thomas B. Rücker" thomas at ruecker.fi
Thu Aug 1 21:27:29 UTC 2013

GE DR OM Phil,

On 08/01/2013 09:05 PM, Phil - w2lie wrote:
> After all the discussion last week, I finally decided to put my own 
> connect / disconnect scripts in on my server, as well as make some 
> changes to the house keeping.
> I'm now running my icecast server under chown, and as a user (instead of 
> nobody).    Chown and the user seem to be functioning fine.

I guess you mean chown and chroot?
Or just chown, but no chroot?

> But, for some reason, Icecast cannot find my connect & disconnect 
> scripts, even though the exist.  They are .sh scripts and have 755 
> permissions.   Running the scripts directly from shell work fine.   But 
> Icecast will always spit out an error that it can't find the connect or 
> disconnect script.   I've even put the scripts in the chown root, but no 
> luck there either.
> Can someone help me figure out why icecast can't find my scripts?
> SSH:
> root at xx [/home/<user>]# icecast -c /home/<user>/icecast/<config>.xml
> Changed root successfully to "/home/<user>/icecast".
> Changed groupid to 5##.
> Changed userid to 5##.

That looks like chown and chroot.

> error.log:
> [2013-08-01  20:51:10] WARN main/main YP server handling has been disabled
> [2013-08-01  20:51:16] EROR source/source_run_script Unable to run 
> command connect.sh (No such file or directory)
> [2013-08-01  20:51:21] EROR source/source_run_script Unable to run 
> command disconnect (No such file or directory)

/if/ I read this correctly, then this would mean, that it tries to run
connect.sh in the root directory of your chroot, so /connect.sh and when
seen from outside /home/<user>/icecast/connect.sh

Are there any security features on this system, that might interfere?
SELinux? AppArmor?

If all else fails, try to run this instead:
strace icecast -c /home/<user>/icecast/<config>.xml

This might have some hints about what's going wrong.

Another approach might be to just try and see for yourself. Something
like this should work as root:
chroot /home/<user>/icecast/
su user
ls -la /connect.sh

Hope that helps, 73 es 55


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