[Icecast] [Icecast-dev] Icecast 2.4 beta3 release

"Thomas B. Rücker" thomas at ruecker.fi
Sun Apr 14 12:49:18 UTC 2013


quick update. Stephan was so nice and added Icecast win32 builds to his 
RoarAudio CI sytem.
I took this opportunity and put together a 2.4 beta3 archive for windows:

As this is a beta release please discuss it on the icecast-dev at xiph.org 
mailing list. (Please do NOT cross-post to both lists, do not reply to 
the icecast at xiph.org mailing list!)

Due to the fact, that we're no longer building using VS6, but are using 
mingw32 there is currently no graphical user-interface. It wasn't very 
useful anyway. Most of the information is available through the web 
interface too.
To get up and running, those steps are required:
- unpack the zip file
- in "etc/icecast.xml" change the "admin-password" and "source-password" 
- doubleclick "icecast.bat"
You should now see a black window telling you that Icecast is starting. 
You can now open http://localhost:8000 in your web-browser to see the 
web interface. Leave the window open to keep Icecast running!

If you get Windows error messages saying that it prevented icecast to 
run, you might need to right click on the "icecast.bat", chose 
"properties" and then click "Unblock".
Also depending on Windows version and active firewall you might get a 
pop-up message and will need to confirm, that you want to give Icecast 
access to your local network AND the Internet.

If you notice any problems while running Icecast, please let us know!



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