[Icecast] problem with ices 0.4 and playlist scripting

Philipp Schafft lion at lion.leolix.org
Thu Apr 4 19:18:53 UTC 2013


On Fri, 2013-03-29 at 17:44 -0400, The Sky Dancer wrote:
> I have been using ices V0.4 successfully with the built-in playlist
> handler for a couple of years now, but I recently decided I’d like a
> bit more control over what is played and when. [...] Yet, when I
> attempt to get ices to use it things seem to be working for a little
> while, but then I get the  following strange error on the console:
> Segmentation fault

ices0 is crashing here.

ices0.x is not supported any more for over a decade. Why don't you just
move away? ices2 is a working, stable and well supported replacement.
It's a very good tool and I recommend to use it.
If your use case is not covered by ices2 there are a lot other clients
(see the list on the homepage for some examples).

 (Rah of PH2)
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