[Icecast] Hardware-based Icecast source client

TheDarkener thedarkener at logicalnetworking.net
Sat Mar 3 13:16:38 PST 2012

Hi all,

I'm in the midst of creating a turnkey Icecast source client embedded in
a plug computer, using Ices2.

I've hacked together some scripts to automate the starting and stopping
of a live stream (launched by pressing buttons on the device). It's dead
easy once the network/server is configured - you just plug it in, push a
button and you're live.

It accepts any Debian compatible USB audio device - I've verified my
nice stereo microphone (made by Blue) and a USB direct-audio device
works great. It can hook into your existing network via wired or
wireless. I've used it already to broadcast live concerts to my station
and even with the microphone, provided it's placed well, provides
exceptional sound quality over 64kb/sec. Would be even better if it was
128 or more, obviously, but bars/venues rarely have decent Internet
connections available.

I have my own Icecast server which I provide stream mounts for but there
are other Icecast server vendors out there too that this would be
compatible with.

ATM network configuration is done manually, but it's vanilla Debian (on
ARM platform) so it's not too difficult. If I'm able to generate
interest and get some sales, I will be recruiting someone to make a nice
web configuration UI for everything. In the interim I'm thinking of
putting together some simple shell scripts to automate network
configuration. If it's wired (DHCP), no network configuration is necessary.

Would anyone here be interested? I'm just starting out so I would want
to have a couple of 'guinea pigs' to help me test it out (I would
provide the hardware/streaming service at a discounted rate). I think
"IceBox" would be a cool name for it, too ;) I have an existing business
and reseller's permit so I am a legit hardware/service vendor.

Any feedback is appreciated - here's a link to what I've put together as
a marketing blurb for music venues: http://socorock.com/?page_id=4345


Jordan (PGP: 0xDA470FF8)

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