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Noah Kamrat nkamrat at iplinkltd.com
Mon Jun 11 19:06:19 UTC 2012


We are looking for a developer who can set up streaming radio service.  We need help with identifying best hardware, software, and developing portal for customers.  We offer a similar service today but we stream over the telephone -- not the internet.   We provide a dedicated phone number for radio stations and customers can here radio over the phone.  It's a great service for people who are not online, don't have smartphones,  or in areas of the country that don't have good 3G/4G.  Certain demographics (e.g. lower income expats, elderly, etc), are more comfortable using the telephone.  That being said, today our radio stations are getting numbers form us and using a 3rd party to stream over the internet.  We would like to offer these service together as a package.  

We use Open SIP and Asterisk for our radio / phone service.  An understanding of telephony and these platforms would be helpful.  

Please email me if there is any interest.  


Noah Kamrat
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