[Icecast] MP3 Tags in icecast?

Geoff Shang geoff at QuiteLikely.com
Sat Jul 28 13:04:05 UTC 2012

On Sat, 28 Jul 2012, Hubert Gabler wrote:

> I have installed icecast2 and darkice on a PC running on Ubuntu 12.04.
> Streaming works fine on both other PCs, players and even Squeezebox
> Radio. There is only one problem: the players do not show the MP3-Tags
> of the songs played.

This is because Darkice is getting its audio from the soundcard 
(presumably) and thus has no idea about which songs are being played and 
therefore cannot pass this information on to Icecast.

How are you playing your music?  Perhaps it's possible for whatever you're 
using to send audio directly to Icecast without needing to use Darkice and 
send title information as well.

If not, there may be other options.


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