[Icecast] Same problem as last time, with IPv6 off

thomas.ruecker at tieto.com thomas.ruecker at tieto.com
Sat Feb 25 10:19:23 UTC 2012


sounds like a configuration problem. make sure you bind to either a port or a specific IP+port pair.

If you suspect a bug in icecast then please provide more details about your setup. (Distribution, relevant system config, output of netstat, ...)


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On 24.2.2012 17:03 per.gunnarsson at lappstockholm.se wrote:


I turned off IPv6, and now again I can't access

icecast with mplayer

mplayer http://localhost:8000/ices.mp3 works fine

This is from my local box.

I had to attach my icecast.xml, sorry for not reading it

straight into the mail

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