[Icecast] Extra stream

Jack Raats jack at jarasoft.net
Sat May 21 12:24:16 UTC 2011

>> At this moment I'm running a stream on 128kbps.
>> I want to add the same stream on 24 kbps.
>> Can this be done on the server using icecast?
>> Or do I have to use another programm.
> The streamTranscoder is a multi-platform utility which can be used to
> transcode media streams from one format to another, and from one
> server type to another. It will read in streams of type MP3 and Vorbis
> from most servers (Icecast, Icecast2, Shoutcast), convert it into
> various formats, and send to various streaming servers.
> http://freshmeat.net/projects/streamtranscoder

I was able to use the streamtranscoder available in the ports of FreeBSD
Compiling without problems
After editing the config file I start transcoder and I got the following 

hera# cd /letc
hera# streamTranscoder -c transcoder.cfg -e 3
Input Stream URL : (http://localhost/)
Output Stream Type : (OggVorbis)
Output Server Type : (Icecast2)
Output Bitrate : (Quality 0/Mono/22050)
Output status : (Disconnected)
Main Status : (Connecting To Output Stream)
Output status : (Connecting)
Output status : (Socket connected)
Output status : (Success)
Output status : (Connected)
Input Stream URL : (http://localhost/)
Main Status : (Connecting To Input)
Input Status : (Connecting...)
Output status : (Disconnecting)
Output status : (Disconnected)
Main Status : (Done)

What is wrong??


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