[Icecast] Multiple mount points without dynamic reencoding

Thomas.Rucker at tieto.com Thomas.Rucker at tieto.com
Tue Jun 28 06:01:18 UTC 2011


I'll skip the ices0 part of the email as I don't know that software.
I only dealt with ices2 in that respect. So that is question
is left to be answered by someone else (though I'm not sure if it
will still apply).

And here we arrive also at the most likely source of an underlying
You do not have to have the same codec for the files as for
the resulting stream! There are plenty source clients that will
happily take almost any file format and codec in and encode it into
a nice ogg/vorbis stream. (Random examples: mpd, rpld, liquidsoap,...)
Also today's CPUs will happily do that without consuming too many 
of their cycles.

It just happens to be a limitation of a few source clients that
do not allow for this (e.g. ices2) that is fuelling this misconception.

Also note that icecast and the shoutcast directory do not mix due
to the terms of service of the latter.

As to your question 32kbit at 44kHz vs 32kbit at 22kHz
Think of two pictures: 44100x16px and 22050x16px (which is 
only one half of the former) both run through a JPEG encoder at the 
same setting. Which one will look better?
It depends what you're after. Quality or spectral bandwith?
When in doubt, try it.



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