[Icecast] [Video at Xiph] OGG Theora streaming

Monty Montgomery xiphmont at gmail.com
Sun Jun 26 15:28:18 UTC 2011

> We are a online media company and are developing a new product that uses
> theora for video streaming. We used your free Visonair OGG streamer to test
> and it worked perfect.

Visionair isn't ours (xiph's) directly. but it does use our libraries
somewhere to do the actual encoding stuff.  Layers upon layers :-)  I
know about it and have seen it used, but never worked directly with it
myself.  I'm not sure what others on the list have-- there's a good
chance (it looks nice).  You may need to contact the Visionair folks
for setup help.

That said, we do know Icecast and the actual Ogg streaming formats
very well.  We can help debug from that side.

(BTW, Ogg isn't an acronym, it's just "Ogg")

> We would like to find out if your experts can help
> us complete our OGG streamer software. We are able to connect to icecast but
> the stream is unstable and buffers 90% of the time. We just need to get the
> streaming to the point where it is streaming smoothly with very little
> buffering.

I don't know Visionair setup, but Icecast itself doesn't do much
buffering; it's just a 1->many server that passes whatever the source
hands it onto whatever client connects.  The exception is when
'burst-on-connect' is enabled, in which case it keeps around a small
buffer so that when a client connects, it can fill the client-side
buffer rapidly.  There's also a little bit of in-band fanciness to
start an Ogg stream properly in the middle.

Are you doing broadcast streaming, or low-latency conferencing, or...?

(BTW, I've trimmed the response list down to just icecast at xiph.org
since that's the most appropriate place for it to go).


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